Frank Mascetti

My (Our) President Has Balls

My (Our) President Has Balls takes a deep look at the cultural divide in America today, breaking down that divide into nearly twenty categories and encouraging readers to do their part to fix what’s been broken. While there have been countless books released by politicians, past presidents, news personnel, and Washington insiders, Frank Mascetti addresses America’s cultural divide as an extremely passionate “outsider” who is raising two minors. Expressing concern about where America is headed as a nation and what is being left behind for future generations, Mascetti breaks down America’s great divide into specific categories with which readers immediately can identify. These categories include things like The Trump Complex, What American Doesn’t Want These Things, Political Incorrectness, Inside the Mind of a Hater, and so many more.
Rather than placing blame on past administrations, Mascetti takes a hard look at America’s overall culture today—from schools to teachers to social media—and how many aspects are in desperate need of a makeover. Whether readers are Democrats, Republican, or Independent, My (Our) President Has Balls is sure to enlighten and provide fresh perspective on the State of the Union, encouraging all Americans to start thinking about how political opposites can meet in the middle and begin to pull America out of crisis mode.
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