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Werewolves And Innocence Complete Bundle

This four-book collection of steamy stories finds innocent young women falling for the men in their lives that they’re supposed to love, but not in the way they do. Overpowered by the Alpha Werewolves twice their ages, there’s little they can do but submit.

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She doesn't see him because he's too close, because he's always there to pick up the pieces. He's supposed to be there for her. But he doesn't want just pieces. He doesn't want to just pick up what's left of her broken heart. He wants all of her. It is a love that consumes. One that destroys. He's supposed to love her, but not like this.

Captured Bride

Everyone knows Marin’s boyfriend, Dominic, is an Alpha Werewolf and he is obsessed with her. He wants the world to know she's his. From the outside, he looks like a wildly possessive and jealous boyfriend with control issues. He has no qualms claiming and humiliating her outdoors. What everyone doesn't know is just how much she loves it.

Captive Angel

Magnus knows he's being selfish, keeping his angel all to himself, isolating her from the world and forbidding anyone from even looking at her twice. But she's such a precious little thing, white wings spread out behind her, golden curls on her head and lithe body perched so beautifully on his lap as she parts her lovely, lush lips and urges him to feed her faster. Sweet, innocent thing.

Break In

Allie wakes with a stranger in her bed and panics. And that's before she realizes that she's been tied in place. She blinks up at the man— the werewolf who has her locked in place and open her mouth to plea— to beg. But she doesn't need to worry. Someone's coming for her. She's the mate of a powerful Alpha Werewolf. It's just a matter of whether he can make it in time…

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Her heart is pounding, drowning out all other noise which isn't in her best interest, considering how easily it would be for them to overtake her and surround her.

She doesn't make it far before the first Wolf pounces on her, slamming her into the ground and knocking her breath from her lungs. She struggles, hands pawing the ground for anything she can use as a weapon and is rewarded with a huge rock that she hits the Wolf with.

He howls in pain and snarls, momentarily distracted by the pain in his head and is quickly tackled by another Wolf.

She struggles to her feet and keeps running, ignoring the throbbing pain on her ankles and palm where she's scratched herself from her earlier fall and scramble to get away.

The sound of growls and snarls behind her prompts her into running faster and faster, her legs burning and muscles aching as she tries to proper herself faster. Adrenaline can only get her so far when it comes to running away from Werewolves though, and it doesn't take long for a hand to fist the back of her shirt, clutching her and then pushing her down.

She falls again but a hand lashes out and catches her before her knees hit the ground for the second time that day.

The first thing she notices is the sharp claws around her waist, dark fur covering the entire arm, monstrous and terrifying. The second is the low purring breath close to her ear. “Mine,” he rumbles and she feels something wet dripping onto her shoulders, sliding down until she can see the smear of red all over her clothes. She makes the mistake of looking up to see who's captured her and sees a truly terrifying face, sharp fangs and wolf-like, but enough human characteristics to be uncanny.

She yelps and tries to pull away, but his arm tightens around her and she's lifting off the ground.

“What— what're you doing?” he turns her around and lowers her onto the floor gently, or probably as gently as he can manage.

She's never seen a Werewolf before. He's huge, easily twice her size and height, looming over her and casting her in his shadows. The moon shines brightly behind him and she's too tired to run. Her eyes are drawn to his face, wolf-like and human at the same time, blood dripping from his jaws and his claws. Her shirt is smeared where he's caught her earlier and for a second, she's afraid he's hurt her, but she doesn't feel pain there, so it's not her blood.

From the looks of it, it's not his blood either.

He bends down until he is covering her with his body and presses his nose to her neck, breathing in deep. when he speaks again, it's a low, rumbling growl that seems to shake the very ground she's laying on. “Mine,” he growls.
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