Joel Lee,Marcus Lim

Contemporary Issues in Mediation

Should mediation be used in all family disputes?
Is the time right for apology legislation in Singapore?
What can mediators learn from improvisation theatre & neuro-linguistic programming?
As the field of mediation continues to grow, so do the issues that face the modern mediator. Contemporary Issues in Mediation-Volume 2 provides a valuable launch-point for readers seeking answers to these questions, collecting the very best entries selected by leaders in the mediation and negotiation field — Prof. Joel Lee (National University of Singapore) and Marcus Lim (Singapore International Mediation Institute). This edition includes three essays on family mediation, and is an especially valuable addition to professionals working with family mediation.

Contents: Essays on Family Mediation:Scaling Up Safety for the Sake of Self-Determination: Exploring Options to Mediation and Cases of Family Violence in Singapore (Khoo May Ann Esther)Mediation of Family Disputes in Singapore Following the Amendments to the Women's Charter in 2011 (Too Fang Yi)Mediation as an Appropriate Form of Dispute Resolution for Family Disputes: The Case for an Interdisciplinary Approach (Yeoh Jean Ann)Essays on General Mediation:Mandatory Mediation in Singapore: Cultural Compatibilities (Justin Low Ching Wei)To Mediate or Not to Mediate: An Analysis of When It Would be Reasonable to Reject Mediation (Wang Chen Yan)Promoting ASEAN as a Platform for Collaborative Dispute Settlement — Institutionalising Administered Mediation in ASEAN (Maryam H Rozlan)Making Mediators Better Performers — Use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Improvisation Theatre for Creative Results (Rumani Kaushal Sheth)And Never the Twain Shall Meet? An Analysis of the Benefits of Caucus Mediation and Conference Mediation (Choong Jia Shun)The Paradox of Power and Neutrality in Mediation (Seah Ern Xu)Learning from Hong Kong for a Mediation and an Apology Legislation in Singapore (Michelle Wong)
Readership: This series is intended for students and professionals in mediation as well as the general public.
Keywords:Mediation Process;Singapore;Mediation and Culture;Mediation Advocacy;Online Mediation;Mediation Theory;Mediation Skills;Good Faith;Mediation in Asia;Amicable Dispute Resolution;Appropriate Dispute Resolution;Alternative Dispute Resolution;Arb-Med-Arb;Singapore International Mediation Centre;SIMC;Mediation Neutrality;Mediation Power Balance;Mediation Essays;Mediation Articles;Singapore International Mediation Institute;SIMI;Singapore International Arbitration Centre;SIACReview:“The thoughtful essays in the family themed section bring fresh perspectives and insights on family mediation, which occupies a central place in the current family justice system. I commend this effort to give young writers a voice and I hope it will go on to inspire students and practitioners to work in this very important area of 'appropriate dispute resolution'."
Judicial Commissioner Debbie Ong Siew Ling
Supreme Court of Singapore

«The three chapters in the family themed section of Contemporary Issues in Mediation Volume 2 are balanced essays that provide useful suggestions following the 2011 amendments to the Women's Charter concerning mandatory mediation. These suggestions are well worth considering if mandatory mediation is to achieve its goals and avoid pitfalls.”
Professor Leong Wai Kum
Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore

“Fresh, bold and innovative — these adjectives apply equally to both the publication as well as the essays it contains. This impressive volume offers an exciting collection of thought-provoking perspectives on mediation from our bright young legal minds.”
Associate Professor Lim-Lum Kit Wye
Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Key Features:Foreward by William Ury, leading international mediator and negotiator, co-author of the seminal title “Getting To Yes” in the dispute resolution industryCollection of essays on unique topics in mediation, both theory and practice
187 printed pages
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