#spotted: This Celeb Scandal Got Caught On Video. What Happens Next Will Blow You Away, McCann James
McCann James

#spotted: This Celeb Scandal Got Caught On Video. What Happens Next Will Blow You Away

291 printed pages
Fast paced, funny and fiercely topical, #spotted on Kindle is the first novel to be bundled with exclusive access to a bespoke companion website. Immerse yourself in the #spotted world with satire that blurs the lines between fiction and reality. Go on. One little click won't hurt…

Set in the enticing world of celebrity and popular culture, #spotted tells the tale of Alex Gaines, a cruise ship entertainer whose life suddenly hits the rocks. Ironically, it's only then that his career starts to set sail.

As his profile rises, Alex struggles to adjust to his new found fame and come to terms with his (totally legal) addiction to prescription drugs. His is a journey to top that of any X Factor contestant, culminating with a moment more explosive than Simon Cowell could ever manufacture.

In stark contrast, kids' favourite Jack Hart looks to be all at sea, and when his naughty secrets are splashed all over, it seems he'll never recover. Will Jack keep his job when all around are losing theirs? His agent should help but he suddenly has another priority, a new client called Alex who seems whiter than white…
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