The Physiology of Taste

250 printed pages
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  • Никита Савковhas quoted2 years ago
    The nose plays the part of sentinel, and always cries "WHO GOES THERE?"

    Close the nose, and the taste is paralyzed
  • Никита Савковhas quoted2 years ago
    Observing that his whole tongue, to the very attachment, had been cut away, I asked him if he yet preserved any sense of taste when he ate, and if the sense of taste had survived the cruel operation he had undergone.

    He told me his greatest annoyance was in swallowing, (which indeed was difficult;) that he had a full appreciation of tastes and flavors, but that acid and bitter substances produced intense pain.
  • Никита Савковhas quoted2 years ago
    I am satisfied that the French language which I use is comparatively poor. What could I do? Either borrow or steal.
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