Kevin Jobson

The Vampire Shadow

It's not easy being a supernatural creature in a mundane world; it's even harder when menacing, dark secrets threaten to dismantle what little normalcy you've managed to create.
Ralph is anything but ordinary. He's a vampire: destined to live through the ages by watching empires, governments, and societies rise and fall.
As a result, everyday things in the world take on an otherworldly glimmer for Ralph. Up until now, he's managed to stay under the radar and enjoy a shaky truce with fate. That is until an ancient enemy shows up, threatening to wilt away his last thin thread of normalcy.
Ralph is hunted in a flash-on the run and digging up memories from his past he'd thought were buried for good.
He's just 70 years old, right?
He's never met any of these vampires who claim to know him, right?
Everything he thinks he knows isn't a lie…right?
This past might just be his key to a future, but is he willing to let nightmarish visions, unbearable pain, and a stranger who seems to know everything about him pull him into battle?
This stranger, Alexei, is familiar but elusive: a memory clawing to get out but not strong enough to break through the veil of secrets that keep Ralph's darkest moments hidden.
The veil is the only thing holding Ralph's sanity in place as his once safe and secure world becomes a maze where enemies hide around every corner.
Alexei's cryptic words and constant presence don't help matters: he claims to know Ralph and what secrets his mind holds. Bit by bit, Ralph begins to descend into a world he'd almost forgotten.
A woman's face. A body falling from the sky. Terrible visions of a man who isn't a man but a feared beast. Flashes of the past sift like puzzle pieces through Ralph's mind and story.
Will he be able to put them together? His life, and the immortal lives of all vampires, might be at stake.
140 printed pages
Original publication



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