Satanism and Demonology

Satanism has been known around the world by many names over the centuries and has involved the shadowy deities of ancient pagan religions. During Christian times, Satanist sorcerers frequently tried to invoke the Devil to make their black magic work. In Satanism and Demonology, the great central questions behind the legends are explored: does Satan, or Lucifer, really exist, and if he does, what dark, anomalous powers does he wield?

Authors Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe begin with an examination of what Satanism is, then explore its earliest, prehistoric history. They track Satanism from the Middle East and ancient Egypt to the European witches and sorcerers of medieval times, and then on through the Renaissance to our present day. The bizarre, uninhibited, satanic rituals, liturgies, and sexual practices are all examined in detail.
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    Uitaca Infiernoshas quoted3 years ago
    This central entity, however, is regarded by some Satanists as a mere personification of their desire for power, or pleasure — or even as a personification of their ideology as a whole — rather than as a genuine being in his own right

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