Amanda Brown

Legally Blonde

    yorseethas quoted10 months ago
    comforter on her bed,
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    Drifting past the sign
    b5420519277has quoted10 months ago
    The melee in the courtyard
    Nhật Vũ Hà Minhhas quotedlast year
    her size 2 figure was poured perfectly into her red slip-dress.
    veronicaflogalhas quoted20 days ago
    into her Prada bag and departed quickly
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    “Mmm-hmm, from Connecticut.
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    Elle Woods glanced at the reflections of her bickering sorority sisters Margot and Serena in her vanity mirror. She sat on a pink-skirted stool with faux fur trim that matched the comforter on her bed, where her Chihuahua, Underdog, was comfortably resting.
    “At least mine won’t sag!” Serena pointed to her saline-enhanced chest. “My boobs are as perky as the day I put them on my credit card!”
    “So what if they’ll never sag,” Margot said, unimpressed. “They’re as hard as rocks.”
    “They’re also blocking the only natural light in this room,” Elle whispered to Underdog, who
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    She felt trapped in an Aaron Spelling drama where bad things happen to good-looking people.
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    They went together like shampoo and conditioner
    b9309324455has quoted5 months ago
    She sank deeper into the floral chintz couch, resting her chin on her knees, her eyes brimming with tears. “It’s o-o-o-over.”
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