Joseph Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle Book & The Second Jungle Book

Первая и вторая «Книги Джунглей» (The Jungle Book) под одной обложкой — сборник колониальных историй Киплинга (Rudyard Kipling), сдобренных поэзией. На английском языке.
386 printed pages
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    Да какого чёрта, не собираюсь я делиться никаким впечатлениями


    Куликов Юрийhas quoted5 years ago
    Spring is the most wonderful, because she has not to cover a clean, bare field with new leaves and flowers, but to drive before her and to put away the hanging-on, over-surviving raffle of half-green things which the gentle winter has suffered to live, and to make the partly-dressed stale earth feel new and young once more.

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