Anunnaki Stone Records Magazine: The Whole Truth About Heaven and Earth, Ph.D., M.S, Sc.D., B.S., Irving J. Goldberg, J.L. Berlioz, Jack F. Lafayette, John F. Kock IV
Ph.D.,M.S,Sc.D.,B.S.,Irving J. Goldberg,J.L. Berlioz,Jack F. Lafayette,John F. Kock IV

Anunnaki Stone Records Magazine: The Whole Truth About Heaven and Earth

This is the premier issue of Anunnaki Stone Records Magazine.

This magazine shall lay bare the whole truth about Heaven and Earth. The question is not when will the Gods return the important question is why they never left!
It is no coincidence that every culture has a Noah, every culture has a great ship or Arc that was built by the chosen hero to save their race. Every culture always has more than one god, and every culture reports these Gods were constantly at war!

We shall review and consider all archaeological records, fossils, oral traditions, ancient texts and even cave drawings that have been found around the world.

We do not subscribe to the theory held by the Ancient Astronaut Theorists (AAT) that the Extra Terrestrial Beings (ETBs) documented in all of the Stone Records, ancient texts and oral traditions of Earth were from another star system or in other words the Ancient Astronauts were Extra Stellar Beings (ESBs) as their founder von Daniken claimed.
52 printed pages
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