Barack Obama

The Wit and Wisdom of Barack Obama

New York Times Bestseller: A collection of quotations by the forty-fourth US president, arranged A-to-Z by topic.
From the day he delivered his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama became a national political figure—a little-known Illinois senator transformed into the country’s first African American president just four years later. He has been admired by millions for his calm demeanor, charisma, sense of humor, integrity, and exceptional eloquence.
Organized A-to-Z by topic, this book gathers his quotes on democracy, diversity, abortion, religion, AIDS, his critics, foreign policy, the Iraq war, the internet, terrorism, unemployment, gay marriage, and a host of other issues, as well as more personal subjects like his marriage, his childhood, his critics, and his cigarette habit. Informative and easy to read, this is a wide-ranging selection of commentary by one of the major figures of the twenty-first century world.
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