Gregory Keyes

Interstellar The Official Movie Novelization

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Sondre Askhas quotedlast year
Donald swept the dust from the farmhouse porch, knowing in the back of his mind that it was pointless, that in a matter of hours it would be covered again. Yet simply surrendering to it seemed even more pointless.
Harveen Tutejahas quoted6 months ago
In space, distance was time, and time was distance.

Tom mostly talked about the farm. H
Sondre Askhas quotedlast year
“By the time I get back we might be the same age. You and me. Imagine that.”
Sondre Askhas quotedlast year
“When I’m in hypersleep,” he explained, “or travel near the speed of light, or near a black hole, time will change for me. It’ll run more slowly.”
Sondre Askhas quotedlast year
I’m not always going to be here to help you.”
Sondre Askhas quotedlast year
Inside, he went to the table, where bowls lay upside down, covered in a thin film of dust, and turned their clean insides up.
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