Mark Walker

Basketball for Beginners

Discover the secrets to rapidly develop your skills and get the competitive edge.
International author and highly respected basketball coach Mark Walker has dedicated his life to coaching and inspiring young players.
Having coached over 6000 games in the last 28 years, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom plus a unique accelerated system of play to help kids learn basketball strategies easily. More importantly, he ensures kids keep playing for a lifetime as well as enjoying it to the very best of their ability.
You'll learn:
— Breakthrough tools and strategies to help you develop your child's skills
— A coaches secret 'key word' system that makes it so easy to communicate with young players
— Essential basics taught in a simple sequence to help players rapidly build individual, then team skills and gain self-confidence
— The differences in working with girls and boys and some simple psychological principles that work well for both genders
— How to create simple play sets that turn beginner players into a functioning team in a very short time
— The golden rules of playing winning team basketball and understanding that it's not just about winning games, but learning, having fun and developing with their teammates
— Powerful positive mindset skills and concepts that will develop and enhance your child for a lifetime
Helping kids dream big dreams.
433 printed pages
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