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The Last of the Vikings

The Last of the Vikings by John Bowling. Rousing, action-filled with espionage and fighting, this is the tale of the last Viking raider, with illustrations. Original context and titles remain intact. A truly amazing find of a book.
This book is a stirring and action packed tale. The author has intelligently written this book and keeps the reader intrigued. It is an amazing story of the last Viking raider with illustrations. It involves many wars and raids. The story is made up of the life and journey of the one son of the Viking king. It is very well written and involves a lot of adventure.
The well thought out plot does justice to the story too and the characters are well woven into it. There is not going to be a moment where the reader will be bored. The interest is maintained by the good descriptions of the scenery by the author. All in all though initially the story may seem a bit weak, it catches up and keeps the reader glued right up till the end.
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