Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd

Concerning Belinda

For years New York had been beckoning to Belinda. All during her time at the western co-educational college, where she collected an assortment of somewhat blurred impressions concerning Greek roots, Latin depravity, and modern literature, and assisted liberally in the education of her masculine fellow students, New York, with its opportunities for work and experience, had lured her on. As it turns out, Belinda had her chance: The Misses Ryder needed a teacher of English; Belinda dreamed of New York. To make a long story short, Belinda was engaged to teach to the Ryder pupils such sections and fragments of the English branches as might be introduced into their heads without resort to surgery. The salary offered was meager, but the work would be in New York; so the contract was made, and Belinda was inclined to look upon Miss Lucilla as an angel of light. Miss Lucilla's opinion of the arrangement was summed up briefly in her next letter to Miss Emmeline.
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