Beyond Trauma, Victor R.Volkman
Victor R.Volkman

Beyond Trauma

TIR, or Traumatic Incident Reduction, is a unique regressive, repetitive, desensitization procedure--highly focused, directive, and controlled, yet at the same time wholly person-centered, non-interpretive, and non-judgmental. Developed by Frank A. Gerbode, M.D., Gerald French, and others, TIR is best known for its use as an extremely effective tool in the rapid resolution of virtually all trauma-related conditions, including PTSD. TIR can also address many other DSM-IV diagnoses beyond trauma including: adjustment disorders, acute stress, traumatic bereavement, dysthymic disorders, major depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, somatization disorders, sexual abuse, and phobias.

Acclaim for Beyond Trauma: Conversations on Traumatic Incident Reduction
“Beyond Trauma is an excellent resource to begin one's mastery in this area of practice.”
--MICHAEL G. TANCYUS, LCSW, DCSW, Augusta Behavioral Health

“I have found Beyond Trauma to be exceptionally helpful in understanding and practicing TIR in broad and diverse areas of practice, not just in traditional trauma work. The information from various points of view is really priceless.”
--GERRY BOCK, Registered Clinical Counselor, B.C. Canada

“Beyond Trauma offers PTSD sufferers a glimpse at a light at the end of the tunnel, while providing mental health workers with a revolutionary technique that could increase their success rate with traumatized clients.”
--JENI MAYER, Body Mind Spirit Magazine

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