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Maria Edgeworth

The Little Dog Trusty; The Orange Man; and the Cherry Orchard; Being the Tenth Part of Early Lessons

40 printed pages
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    Charles was the name of the honest boy; and Ned was the name of the thief.

    Charles never touched what was not his own: this is being an honest boy.

    Ned often took what was not his own: this is being a thief.

    Charles's father and mother, when he was a very little boy, had taught him to be honest, by always punishing him when he meddled with what was not his own: but when Ned took what was not his own, his father and mother did not punish him; so he grew up to be a thief.

    Early one summer's morning, as Charles was going along the road to school, he met a man leading a horse, which was laden with panniers.

    The man stopped at the door of a public-house which was by the road side; and he said to the landlord, who came to the door, "I won't have my horse unloaded; I shall only stop with you whilst I eat my breakfast.—Give my horse to some one to hold here on the road, and let the horse have a little hay to eat."

    The landlord called; but there was no one in the way; so he beckoned to Charles, who was going by, and begged him to hold the horse.

    "Oh," said the man, "but can you engage him to be an honest boy? for these are oranges in my baskets; and it is not every little boy one can leave with oranges."
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