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Jacob Mortimer Wier Silver

Sketches of Japanese Manners and Customs

  • Дина Кравченкоhas quoted8 years ago
    in contradiction to Japanese etiquette, which permits no inferior to look down upon a superior
  • Дина Кравченкоhas quoted8 years ago
    It is impossible to mark the even and peaceable tenor of Japanese life, the politeness, industry, respect for superiors, and general air of cheerfulness and content, that pervades all classes, without admiration of the wise regulations which preserve such order amongst them as a people
  • Дина Кравченкоhas quoted8 years ago
    The crayfish are used to remind the people of their humble origin (it being traditionary that the empire originated from a race of poor fishermen), and the consequent necessity of humility, temperance, and frugality, in their different stations in life.1
  • Дина Кравченкоhas quoted8 years ago
    The first feature of Japanese life that prominently presents itself to the notice of the stranger, is the number of festivals and holidays held in honour of the various deities, warriors, and sages, or in accordance with some ancient custom of the county, which is as paramount an authority as the most stringent of its laws
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