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Ben Jonson

The Alchemist

  • Moulibrata Sarkarhas quoted6 years ago
    Obviously Jonson was brave, combative, and not averse to talking of himself and his doings.
    In 1592, Jonson returned from abroad penniless.
  • managingreynoldshas quoted20 days ago
    Doth so pos‍­sess a man, that it doth draw

    All his af‍­fects, his spir‍­its, and his powers,

    In their con‍­fluc‍­tions, all to run one way."
  • b3148862965has quotedlast year
    "All that I am in arts, all that I know;"
  • Leonie Stofferhas quoted4 years ago
    An old man's gravity, or strict canon, think
    What a young wife and a good brain may do;
    Stretch age's truth sometimes, and crack it too.
    Speak for thy self, knave."
  • Leonie Stofferhas quoted4 years ago
    That master
    That had received such happiness by a servant,
    In such a widow, and with so much wealth,
    Were very ungrateful, if he would not be
    A little indulgent to that servant's wit,
    And help his fortune, though with some small strain
    Of his own candour.
  • Leonie Stofferhas quoted4 years ago
    KAS. Yes, an thou canst take tobacco and drink, old boy,
    I'll give her five hundred pound more to her marriage,
    Than her own state.
  • Leonie Stofferhas quoted4 years ago
    KAS. 'Slight, I must love him! I cannot choose, i'faith,
    An I should be hang'd for't! Suster, I protest,
    I honour thee for this match
  • Leonie Stofferhas quoted4 years ago
    KAS. Come on, you ewe, you have match'd most sweetly,
    have you not?
    Did not I say, I would never have you tupp'd
    But by a dubb'd boy, to make you a lady-tom?
    'Slight, you are a mammet! O, I could touse you, now.
    Death, mun' you marry, with a pox!
  • Leonie Stofferhas quoted4 years ago
    ANA. I am strong,
    And will stand up, well girt, against an host
    That threaten Gad in exile.
  • Leonie Stofferhas quoted4 years ago
    LOVE. Mine earnest vehement botcher,
    And deacon also, I cannot dispute with you:
    But if you get you not away the sooner,
    I shall confute you with a cudgel.
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