Holistic Pregnancy and Childbirth, James Marti
James Marti

Holistic Pregnancy and Childbirth

376 printed pages
Holistic pregnancy and childbirth.
Your month-by-month guide to the latest therapies, techniques, and natural approaches.
For the most rewarding path to a comfortable pregnancy, a shorter labor, and the joyful delivery of a healthy baby, turn to this wise and warm compendium of proven holistic advice.
Approved by an advisory board of leaders in obstetrics and holistic medicine, this comprehensive book helps you make the birthing experience the most fulfilling and beautiful of your life. Let the journey begin. Monitor your physical changes and your baby s. Decide where you want to have your baby. Choose a holistic caregiver and prepare a birth plan. Design your optimum diet and personal exercise program. Discover today s holistic techniques for bonding, postpartum recovery, breast-feeding, and much more, including:
* Acupuncture and acupressure aromatherapy Ayurvedic medicine
* Bach flower remedies breathing techniques botanical medicine
* Chiropractic diet and nutrition exercise homeopathy
* Hydrotherapy hypnosis intimacy exercises massage
* Meditation osteopathy qigong traditional Chinese medicine
* Vitamin and mineral therapies yoga
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