Barbara Cartland

Fascination in France

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    I would enjoy helping him expand his stables, as he wishes to do?’ - is that a statement or question...

    “I just loved him because he was the most handsome man I had ever seen.” “And he loved you, Mama, because you were so beautiful,” Celita had replied. - usually called infatuation or a crush in this day and age.

    "Many treasures that had been collected by his ancestors over the years – and the Sahrans were one of the oldest families in France – had been lost." - treasures collected through pillaging and looting other nations...

    Because Lord Waterforde was aware of how difficult life was for the Countess since her husband’s death, fruit from the garden, eggs, chickens and young lambs from the farm came to Four Gables regularly. - how wonderful to know that we're not stuck thinking we need animal products and by-products anymore...

    "Why did a woman become boring, however beautiful she might be? She was waiting for the Duc, reclining on a sofa and leaning back against a number of satin cushions. They made a perfect frame with their soft eau de nil for the darkness of her hair and the translucent white of her skin. She was wearing a chiffon negligee that did little to disguise the exquisite curves of her body." Omg I want to laugh...

    "As he thought it over, he could imagine nothing more appalling than being married to Yvonne or her like" like himself? Yvonne's sexual nature is the equivalent of his own lol...

    “But seriously, though, of course, I have not told this to anyone else, I am considerably overdrawn at the Bank.” - perhaps stop wasting money on loose women, that would be a start...

    And Celita could feel the horses straining almost towards the clouds. - again, poor horses. Forced to race, forced to pull sh*t in the worst conditions. Appalling.

    But now, after what Celita had told him, he found himself thinking that he had been very foolish and over-optimistic. - unusual for a man in a BC novel to admit that when he has the attitude of the Duc...

    "Whatever he wanted she wanted and that she told herself was the foundation of a happy marriage." 😂😂😂

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