Jung-kyu Kim,Young-oak Kim

The Great Equal Society

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Confucianism is the guiding creed for a quarter of mankind, yet hardly anyone has explained it in plain terms — until now. Written in a style both intelligible and enjoyable for the global audience, The Great Equal Society distils the core ideas of the major Confucian classics and shows how their timeless wisdom can be applied to the modern world. It also introduces pragmatic suggestions emanating from Confucius and his followers for ensuring good governance, building a humane economy and educating moral leaders.
The book's core message of inner morality, first expounded by Confucius millennia ago, will resonate on both sides of the Pacific, and its sweeping survey of the hot topics today — dysfunctional government, crony capitalism, and the erosion of ethics in both Wall Street and Main Street, among others — will breathe new life to Confucian teachings while providing much-needed answers to our urgent social problems.
The Great Equal Society is written by Young-oak Kim, a Korean thinker whom Wikipedia describes as “the nation's leading philosopher dealing with public issues and explaining Oriental philosophy to the public,” and Jung-kyu Kim, a talented trilingual writer who has published works in English, Japanese and Korean.
Contents:A Philosophical Shift:Johnson's Great SocietyRestoring Inner MoralityInstitution versus CultureA Society of Ren: Modern ExamplesA New Philosophy for China — and for the WorldOn Government:Is Democracy for China?Real Challenge for ChinaTwo Views of Human NatureCharacteristics of Good GovernmentFreedom of the MediaLearn from SingaporeOn the Economy:Laissez-faire versus Social RealizationMisery of the Middle ClassBreakdown of MoralityRestoring HumanityProfit Motive as SecondaryChallenges for ChinaSuggestions for a Humane EconomyChristianity, Communism, and Claims of CommunityOn Education:Educational Arms RaceMoney, Education, and the Democratic IdealRedefining the Purpose of EducationThe Moral AnimalBeyond Freedom and DisciplineConfucian Theory of EducationTalent, Discipline, and SuccessMoral LeadershipThe New China Model:Rise of the “China Model”Redefining the China ModelOn DiplomacyOn the EnvironmentCelebrating China's RiseA Short Introduction to Confucianism:Confucius and ReligionConfucianism as a Moral PhilosophyConfucianism versus LegalismFailures of ConfucianismReadership: General readers interested in Confucianism, China, Great Equal Society.
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