Eric Reese

Why Do You Want To Come To America

With refugees and migrants coming to America, seeking the American Dream, most of them are facing the tough struggle and utter disillusionment. Apart from the issues of poverty and population explosion, the country is infested with the curse of racism and sectarianism. Moreover, the relentlessly increasing Muslim people, both natives and foreign descendants have been accused of posing threats to the country. Why do you want to come to America, examines many of the reasons that people want to enter America. Refuge, education, marriage, money, and freedom are among the most popular, but is this really enough, or is it simply a thin veneer that quickly loses its gloss? With new and stringent immigration policies, travel bans, deportations, visa revocations and racial profiling being applied aggressively towards Muslims, Hispanics and people of foreign descent, the fundamental question in all of this should be; Is the promise of wealth and freedom worth the cost of losing your culture and belief?
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Eric Reese
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