Jean-Jacques Rousseau

A Discourse Upon the Origin and the Foundation Of / The Inequality Among Mankind

    Mizyahas quoted5 years ago
    man is by nature good, and that only our institutions have made him bad!
    Olga Serovahas quoted7 years ago
    n fact, what is generosity, what clemency, what humanity, but pity applied to the weak, to the guilty, or to the human species in general? Even benevolence and friendship, if we judge right, will appear the effects of a constant pity, fixed upon a particular object: for to wish that a person may not suffer, what is it but to wish that he may be happy?
    Illia Kohanhas quoted6 months ago
    It would be a melancholy necessity for us to be obliged to allow, that this distinctive and almost unlimited faculty is the source of all man's misfortunes;
    Illia Kohanhas quoted6 months ago
    man and man in a savage and domestic condition, than between beast and beast;
    Денис Смирновhas quoted8 months ago
    Some remained altogether subject to the laws; others soon bowed their necks to masters. The former laboured to preserve their liberty; the latter thought of nothing but invading that of their neighbours, jealous at seeing others enjoy a blessing which themselves had lost.
    Rexports 21has quoted2 years ago
    moral, or political inequality
    Rexports 21has quoted2 years ago
    I call natural, or physical inequality
    Rexports 21has quoted2 years ago
    He argued so brilliantly that the tendency of civilization was degrading
    Dinara Halikovahas quoted3 years ago
    Thus, though men were become less patient, and natural compassion had already suffered some alteration, this period of the development of the human faculties, holding a just mean between the indolence of the primitive state, and the petulant activity of self-love, must have been the happiest and most durable epoch
    Dinara Halikovahas quoted3 years ago
    It was thus that every man, punishing the contempt expressed for him by others in proportion to the value he set upon himself, the effects of revenge became terrible, and men learned to be sanguinary and cruel.
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