Bruce Charlton

Not Even Trying: The Corruption of Real Science

Real science is dead.
Researchers are no longer trying to seek and speak the truth. Scientists no longer believe in the truth. They no longer believe that there is an eternal unchanging reality beyond our human organisation which they have a duty to discover and disseminate. Hence, the vast structures of personnel and resources that constitute modern science are not real science but merely a professional research bureaucracy.

The consequences? Research literature must be assumed to be worthless or misleading and should almost always be ignored.

In practice, this means that nearly all science needs to be demolished (or allowed to collapse) and real science rebuilt outside the professional research structure, from the ground up, by real scientists who regard truth-seeking as an imperative and truthfulness as an iron law.
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    b8453453735has quoted5 months ago
    Many things can (tacitly) be learned that cannot (explicitly) be taught
    b8453453735has quoted5 months ago
    It is an axiom that all true scientific statements are consistent with all other true scientific statements.
    True statements should not contradict one another, they should cohere
    b8453453735has quoted5 months ago
    science is so difficult, that when motivation is deficient then problems will not get solved.
    You need, you must have, spontaneous positive interest (the gossip test) and you cannot solve problems that bore you
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