Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics, N.D., Leon Chaitow, D.O.
N.D.,Leon Chaitow,D.O.

Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

We now know that antibiotics are not the simple solution we once thought. But how can we stay well without them? This book shows how to keep your immune system in peak condition — and stay healthy without antibiotics.
Antibiotics have been one of the most succesful inventions of modern medicine — saving many millions of lives around the world. But antibiotics aren’t the trouble free pill for all ills we once thought.
Over exposure to antibiotics through over prescription and also from the food chain — means our immune systems are often ‘lazy’.
• Antibiotic resistant superbugs mean we need healthier immune systems than ever before.
When our immune system is naturally healthy, infections and bugs should hardly ever be a problem. Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics explains the natural therapies herbal medicines you can take to:
• strengthen your immune system naturally so you that minor infections don’t become problems.
• fight infections without antiobiotics.
• make sure your children have well developed immune systems.
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