Human Suffering and the Evil of Religion, Dennis Jensen
Dennis Jensen

Human Suffering and the Evil of Religion

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Dennis Jensen looks at two very important problems that have led many to reject religious belief generally and Christianity in particular: Why has God allowed the extreme suffering we find in our world? And Can religion be blamed for much of this suffering? He looks at not only the evil so often associated with religions--inquisitions, holy wars, pograms, witch hunts--but also some of the difficulties found specifically in the Bible. Did the God of the Bible command or advocate mass murder, homophobia, slavery? Is the New Testament anti-Semitic?
Jensen argues persuasively that a fully biblical teaching does not advocate subservience of women in today's society, church, or family. It does not condemn all same gender sexual relations or transgender identity. It does not teach an eternal hell.

As just one of the many fascinating topics he tackles, one of the more important biblical reasons suggested for the existence of evil is that God wants to know whether we will seek to stop or alleviate the suffering we see, whether we will learn to have God's heart, whether we will hate evil and anguish over the hurting as God does.
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