The Syrein of Alserrac – The Last Sorceress, Olivia Jane Michaels
Olivia Jane Michaels

The Syrein of Alserrac – The Last Sorceress

The once beautiful and tranquil country of Alserrac has been invaded, its people enslaved, and the Syrein, a community of mystical sorceresses, are in exile, hunted and persecuted wherever they set foot. Meanwhile, on the western shores of Carlinden, a young girl grows up entirely unaware of the powerful gifts she has inherited as the last of the Syrein’s daughters.
Spanning several decades, this saga of war, betrayal, exile and persecution, follows the fortunes of two powerful sorceresses and the very different destinies they must fulfil.
In the shadow cast by the dark and doom-laden Keype of Halskird, friendships are forged, love blossoms in the midst of danger and in the end, the bravery of a few human allies — and one loyal dragon — is all that stands between the Syrein and complete destruction.
276 printed pages
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