The Western Oak Tree, Louise Volsted Pedersen
Louise Volsted Pedersen

The Western Oak Tree

In The Western Oak Tree the reader meets a female in the process of remembering and restoring the past through writing, while her father is slowly dying. The crisis makes her confront bigger questions in life on how it is shaped, and how we become who we are, and particularly what we are not. She comes to terms with a new understanding of phenomena while writing, and she suggests writing as a way, as a process rather than a solution to the final answer. The story is detectivistic and the past reveals itself like a puzzle coming into place, but the bigger picture never settles in this work of fiction.

Book excerpt

It is gone. The high old oak tree in our former garden is gone. Today it is a parking space. They build a supermarket nearby and needed a parking space. When me moved, our old garden of memories became then the parking space. And the oak tree was cut down. But I remember it still, I remember our garden, I do not forget our life there. Memories of my childhood follows me everywhere. When we moved, as I was twelve, I said goodbye to my most of my dolls and gave them away to a friend. Now I was a grown-up, I thought. What had happened prior to this was devastating for me, for my family

About the author

The author writes poems, novels, fiction and articles. She holds a MA in Literary History and writes in more languages. Her mother tongue is Danish. She lives and work in Denmark today. Her writings take the reader on an inner and an outer journey through mental and physical landscapes.
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