Short Stories Volume 2, Burr Cook
Burr Cook

Short Stories Volume 2

A book containing 7 short stories which are also sold separately (1) Iran is planning an attack on the US. The US retaliates with an experimental weapon but the attempt backfires and the president and many high government officials are trapped in a bunker. A young man, a technical wizard and a nerd saves the day. (2) An alcoholic has a fantasy dream about living in the ice age. (3) A spy story in which a secret experiment in Germany involving changing DNA in a human egg creates a super strong man who escapes from the laboratory and hides out in northern Canada. (4) A Western (5) A story of a slave. (6) Pilgrims and Native Americans meet (7) Total nonsense story about a mental patient who is mistaken for a Buddhist monk.
379 printed pages
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