Ivor Porter

Operation Autonomous

Ivor Porter first came to Romania in 1939 as a teacher of English — to the exotic, semi-oriental Bucharest described by Olivia Manning. After the war had broken out, and Romania had been absorbed into the Axis sphere of influence, he — together with his fellow-expatriates — was forced to leave a colourful, turbulent country to which he had become increasingly attached; but he was to return in 1943 as a member of SOE, parachuted in to play his part in the plot to overthrow the pro-Nazi regime of Marshal Antonescu and install a government more sympathetic to the Allied cause. Operation Anonymous, and the successful coup that followed in 1944, may well have hastened the end of the war by several months by helping the Red Army to sweep through the Carpathians into Central Europe, and south to the frontiers of Greece, yet for the Romanians themselves Russia, rather than Germany, was the ancient enemy. Mixing the author's own experiences with detailed diplomatic and military history, Operation Autonomous opens up an important and neglected aspect of the war — and one that was to have momentous implications for the settlement of post-war Europe.
421 printed pages


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