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Robin Sacredfire

How to Magically Make a Lot of Money: How to Apply the Spiritual Laws of Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity to Become Financially Independent and Successful

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How rich would you like to be?
Can you clearly say how much money you would like to see in your bank account?
Can you describe what kind of objects you would like to possess?
And, more importantly, what would you like to do to get all that?
Following with the previous questions, do you think you deserve all that? What would you feel if you had it all?
The answers to these questions are far more important than what may seem. This book will clearly show why, while describing how anyone can become a multimillionaire, even without anything to start with.
The amount of stories of individuals that, while sleeping on a friend's couch, have achieved amazing results in life, proves the relevance of this information.
What would you be willing to give for an idea that would make you extremely rich? What would you give for this information? Would you be willing to give more than the price of this book?
The secrets here exposed are worth billions for those that use them in a daily basis to make a living, while the rest consistently labors from 9 to 5, or more, in a full-time job, very likely inside a company created by someone applying them.
There are specific rules to obtain abundance and every single wealthy person in this planet follows them to maintain theirs.
The principles have thousands of years and are still being applied today as before, and in the same way they've always been.
In the following chapters of this book a path is shown to learn what only 1% of the population has realized, namely, how to magically attract wealth and become financially independent. And, based on the same laws, it will also be possible to notice the relation between fame, success and a wealthy mindset.
Famous individuals, rich business owners and successful musicians and writers have a lot in common. That's why it's becoming more common to see people with all these characteristics. They know something you don't.
The content of this book reveals their secret.
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22 Lions
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  • Zhanarhas quoted3 years ago
    China, however, learned its lessons well and is now collecting the fruits of decades of investment in education and a wealthy mindset
  • Zhanarhas quoted3 years ago
    The poor are poor mostly due to their heritage of living in an environment that promotes poverty, but both rich and poor depend on each other
  • Zhanarhas quoted3 years ago
    If we look merely at the surface of our life we will never see it. Nobody becomes rich or successful alone

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