Archibald W Hendry

The Age of the Earth

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This book spells out in detail how the age of the Earth has been determined over the centuries. First — the 'biblical' age: how was the date of Creation 4004 BC figured out? A date which is so important even today … it is the basis of claims made by millions that the Earth is only about 6000 years old. Next — the response of geologists (and Darwin) for a very old Earth. Then, Kelvin's calculation of how long it would take for a hot Earth to cool down to its present state. And finally, today's answer ('billions'), based on the properties of radioactive materials. So, how old is Planet Earth?
Contents: The 'Biblical' Age of the EarthJames Hutton and lnfinite TimeCharles Darwin and the WealdLord Kelvin and ThermodynamicsRadioactivity's RevolutionConcluding Remarks
Readership: General readers who wish to know answers about the history of the Earth.Age of Earth;Biblical;Geological;Kelvin;Age from Radioactivity0Key Features:Everyone is interested (whatever their religious orientation) in how old the Earth isThis book spells it all outThere is no other book like it
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