Natural Medicine for Weight Loss, Deborah Mitchell
Deborah Mitchell

Natural Medicine for Weight Loss

210 printed pages
Don’t just change your diet; change your mind: The holistic way to weight loss through nutrition, stress reduction, and life-affirming activities.
You want to lose weight. You’re tired of feeling hungry and wasting your time. You want to be in control again. Follow medical writer Deborah Mitchell’s sound and simple straight talk, and this could be the last diet book you’ll ever need. An invaluable resource for information on herbs, nutrients, supplements, and natural medicine techniques, Natural Medicine for Weight Loss helps make losing weight easier and safer than ever before. And it’s no quick weight-loss gimmick. It’s a proven formula: Good dietary habits plus enjoyable exercise plus positive mind/body reinforcement plus nature’s helpers equals permanent weight loss.
Here are a few facts from the book to get you going:
The metabolic rate of two people of the same age, sex, and body type may vary as much as 20 percent.Most of the weight loss from popular high-protein diets is water, not fat.The proper dietary supplements can end a damaging sugar addiction.Thermogenic agents can trigger your body to burn fat.An herbal form of fen-phen is available without the health risks of the prescription drug.Lemon water and apple cider vinegar can reduce cravings.Do-it-yourself acupressure boosts metabolism and reduces bloating.Natural Medicine for Weight Loss provides all the necessary tools and information, holistic approaches, and nutritional resources to help you adopt and embrace a new lifestyle, leaving you feeling lighter in body and spirit as well as abundantly energized.
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