Skrews Syndication

The Skrews Poetry Syndication, Issue 003

The Skrews Syndication is an independent literary publication that is dedicated to the darker, pain-filled words of poets who've experienced severe adversity, trauma, and tribulation in their lives. While the element of suffering is often held in high esteem in the poetry community, most poets who haven't already created a name go unheard. This publication is here to change this. We are by those, for those, and celebrated by those who are in this very real state of chaos.

Issue 003 (A Changing World, 2021), is a collection of fifty-four poems from various amateur poets across the globe.  The year 2021 has been another difficult year for many of us, and in respect, these poets have written a wide encompassment of poetry that highlights the subjects of isolation, grief, mental angst, displacement, and much more.
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