Travis Nevels

The Freestyleguitar Method

The Freestyleguitar Method is a collection of golden chords that can only be found by using alternate tuning's on the guitar. There are many alternate tuning books, and all the one's I've bought were full of generic blah blah chords. However, this book contains lessor known, rich and thick chords that are truly beautiful. In addition, these chords are easy to play. Many are two-note and three-note fingered chords. These chords are not available anywhere else. These chords are not bland — NO, they will add color and depth to your material. In addition, this book contains SIMPLE TABS for finger picking these melodic chords. You will not find TABS with a run or 20 or 30 notes. Instead, this book presents TABS of 3-notes and 4-notes. This artist believes in presenting simple ideas to get you rolling. There is also an explanation, as well as pictures, demonstrating percussive and slap-tap techniques on the body and/or the strings of the guitar for added dynamics. So, whether you're an acoustic or an electric guitar player, an instrumentalist or a singer-songwriter, you'll find plenty of new musical designs in this book. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. This is a one of a kind secret resource, for those guitar players looking for an edge.
53 printed pages


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