Sex Goddess Secrets: How to Make Love to a Man and Make Him Worship You, Svetlana Ivanova
Svetlana Ivanova

Sex Goddess Secrets: How to Make Love to a Man and Make Him Worship You

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Do you want to save your relationship and become a TOTAL SEX GODDESS in the bedroom? With this short but very detailed guide, you are going to be able to please your man tonight and definitely skyrocket your lovemaking skills. You and your man are going to start to have a better sex life after you read this book! You are going to learn everything you ever needed to know about giving a man mind-blowing, toe-curling pleasure and how to be the best that he has had in his entire life! You will truly learn how to give a man pleasure and how to give him an experience that he won’t soon forget; each and every single time you touch him. You will be the woman that every man wants and that every woman wants to be, all in one day!
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ack and forth, finishing up with a gentle bite. Or, place your lips over each nipple and gently suck. If he wants you to play a little rougher, try nipping him a bit harder, or tweak the tip between your thumb and forefinger. Try running your fingernails down his back as you suck his nipples. He will shiver with desire. Or stroke his shaft while softly kissing and nibbling on nipples.

Most men are so ”phallocentric” (focused on their penises) that they haven’t even begun to explore the uncharted seas of their own body or sexuality. They’re essentially ignorant when it comes to whole-body pleasures, including nipple stimulation. Little do they know the pleasure they could experience by expanding their present sexual repertoire..
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