Benjamin Zephaniah

Gangsta Rap

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phone, keys, cigarettes and money
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Ray’s plan was to get as close as he could to Dragon and put at least two missiles into his belly. Dragon began to walk towards him fearlessly
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He had been there before – it was where his mother used to take him and Kori when they were small and she wanted to get away from his father.
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Chapter 15: Graduation Ceremonies
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work he, Tyrone and Prem had put in at the studio. And now, in less than a year, they
florenciaruzcastillohas quoted6 months ago
ork he, Tyrone and Prem had put in at the studio. And now, in less than a year, they
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A large group gathered in the waiting area of the hospital where Yinka’s body had been taken. Ray was allowed behind the scenes where he attempted to get rid of all the blood that covered him. Here he also tried to explain to the doctors and the police officers what had happened but he was so distressed that he was unable to concentrate his mind to give any useful replies. A police interview with the band was
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was that the insurance company were going to pay him a substantial amount. All the boys were still receiving threats on their phones and they continued getting negative media attention, but they kept working. The beats for the new album were soon done and awaiting lyrics and they had begun to practise for their live tour.
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The band went back to the studio and Marga Man went back to begin restocking his shop and filling in his insurance claim forms. A couple of weeks later Marga Man received good news and bad news. The bad news was that the solicitor thought that it would be difficult to successfully sue the police and advised him to drop the proceedings, but the good news
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They sat in a circle in a private room. Sam initiated the proceedings.

‘When I heard that there was going to be an opportunity to get you all here this morning, I thought it would be a great idea. I was going to have a meeting with the boys anyway before we write our report for the school, but I think with all that is happening now we should also think a little about the bigger picture. So if it’s OK with you, I’d like to just talk about the progress so far and then I think it would be great if we could just talk about the band. Is that OK?’

Everyone nodded yes, so Sam continued.

‘Well as far as we’re concerned, here at Positivity you have been a great success. I know the music thing has been good, but even the work that you’ve been doing in the classroom has been good. We are proud of you. There’s only a month to go now before you leave here, and as I understand it you will be leaving school to pursue your careers in music, so we wish you all the best. When you first came here, the word was that you guys would be really difficult and out of control, but you proved that wrong. It goes without saying that the report that we will be giving to the school on the three of you will be very positive; full of positivity, you could say. So congratulations.’

Skelly, Sam and Marga Man clapped as the boys sat proud in their seats and nodded their heads saying, ‘I told you we could do it,’ without speaking.

‘Do any of you want to say anything?’ asked Sam.

Ray smiled. ‘Just wanna say I’m glad we didn’t stick with Mr David Oak of The Strolling Rollers fame. Bunny has the touch, you know what I’m saying?’

‘I know what you’re saying,’ smiled Sam, lowering her head, and moving swiftly on. ‘OK, in a way it’s none of our business, we wanted to help you get your foot on the musical ladder, but now that you’re on it, everything’s gone crazy. How do you plan to deal with it, and is there anything that we can do to help you?’

‘The boys haven’t done a thing wrong. They have made a brilliant first album that thousands of people have gone out and bought,’ said Skelly. ‘We want them to keep making good music and not get distracted by what’s going on out there, which is why we are now
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the Western Alliance
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I’m not the boss,’ said Duncan, ‘I just own the company. Pleased to meet you.’ He stood up and reached over his desk to shake everyone’s hands. He looked surprisingly timid, with thinning black hair and stubble on his face. His sharp black suit would have looked fine in one of the major companies, but made him look slightly out of place in an independent record company’s office.

‘This is not a large company, but we’re like a family here,’ said Duncan, sitting back in his chair under a picture of a gold Lamborghini. ‘And we like to take care of our artists. Has Skelly been looking after you?
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next week and I want yu to come. But first if we’re gonna do dis ting properly I want to draw up a contract for ourselves saying dat we want to work on a cooperative basis, and I want dat contract signed before we sign wid de record company. Yes we are friends, but if we want a sound business relationship wid dem we must have a sound business relationship wid each other. So paperwork must be done.’

After spending so much time studying the book the band knew exactly what he meant.

* * *

The next week Sam from Positivity gave the band a day off so that they could go to the record company with Marga Man. To the band’s amusement the company office was above ‘Lickit’, an adult shop in the heart of Soho. One could never have guessed that the building housed a record company. The name on the silver intercom box on the door simply said DDR.

‘What kind of a record company is this?’ Ray said as Marga Man announced his arrival to the receptionist via the intercom.

‘It’s an independent one,’ Marga Man replied.

Inside was another world. The brightly painted walls were covered with silver, gold and platinum discs, and with giant posters, the type normally seen on billboards. The receptionist led them into a side office. A man moved quickly towards Marga Man as they entered the room.

‘Hey, Marga me mate, how you doing? How’s the wife?’ he said, shaking Marga Man’s hand vigorously. Marga Man had the kind of look on his face that said, I know you, but not that well.

‘Meet de boys,’ Marga Man said, disconnecting his hand. ‘Pro Justice, Prem de la Prem and X-Ray-X.’

The man shook their hands vigorously. ‘Gr
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Ray was completely outclassed. The power of Kori’s superior sound system made Tupac’s angry raps sound like desperate whispering. Ray made a tactical retreat by turning his volume down, and in recognition of his gesture Kori turned her volume down. Ray had to live with it: Tupac could be heard, but Beyoncé would make her presence known in Tupac’s quieter moments.

It wasn’t long before Ray could hear his mother moving around downstairs, so he left the CD playing and went down to see her. She had just come back from the supermarket where she worked as a cashier. Ray stood in the kitchen doorway watching her fill the cupboards with the discounted food that she always brought home on Friday afternoons.

‘Hello Mum,’ Ray said quietly.

His mother had a feeling that something was wrong. Ray never said ‘Hello Mum’ unless something was wrong or he was in need of something.

‘What’s up with you?’ she said, waiting for his reply.

‘I’m OK,’ he replied.

‘What’s wrong?’


‘Don’t tell me nothing, what’s wrong?’

‘Nothing, I just got excluded from school.’

‘Oh no,’ she said, turning towards him. ‘Not again. How long for this time?’

‘No, Mum, it’s different this time, this is permanent exclusion. It means I can’t go back to that school again.’

His mum was more confused than angry. ‘What? I don’t care what they call it, they can’t just kick you out of school. What do they expect me to do, stop work to look after you? On Monday morning you will be going back to school and that’s that.’

‘I’m not going nowhere, Mum.’

‘You will go to school. I will not have you walking up and down the streets like before.’

Then Ray flipped.
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‘I know a damn lot more than anyone in this house,’ Ray’s father shouted, standing up. ‘This is my house and I don’t get no respect here.’
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Ray’s mother looked at his father. ‘Respect, what you know about respect?’
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more things that he is
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‘Yes, you’re right he is a bit messed up,’ her father said, interrupting, ‘and that’s being kind to him. I could tell you a lot
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