Chris Bellows

The Conquerable, A Femdom Novel

The alluring female psychiatrist listens with interest as Douglas Harper describes his harrowing treatment by highly skilled professionals working for an unknown government. Suspected of being a terrorist sympathizer, Douglas was drugged and taken from his home in the middle of the night, then forced to endure brutal interrogations. His teeth were filed, his hair removed and he was left psychologically vulnerable when he was finally let go. Charged with the task of rehabilitating this unfortunate young man, the psychiatrist finds her 'non vanilla side' is not only intrigued but primed as she listens to Douglas's halting “toothless” account. Rather than reprogramming her brainwashed patient for a return to normal life, she transforms the luckless Douglas into a toy for her personal amusement. The owning of a houseboy brings to full flame her smoldering penchant for control and governance and she takes to her new role with some enthusiasm. Douglas performs his domestic chores on her command, and while she's at work, he lies in her spare room, blindfolded, diapered and bound inside the nylon straps of the elaborate Segufix restraint system. Among the many disgusting things he'll be forced to suffer, he'll be fed a foul concoction of food deliberately made to resembled excrement. So aroused by the exhilarating arrangement with her new toy, the psychiatrist slakes her mounting sexual needs riding her trusty Sybian sex machine. It will not be long before her male companion, a barely adequate part-time lover, falls into her well-spun web of male subjugation.
169 printed pages
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