Rise of the Phoenix: Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Dameon Gibbs, Corey Ballard
Dameon Gibbs,Corey Ballard

Rise of the Phoenix: Act 1, Act 2, Act 3

Two Bodies: a Skilled Merc, and a Powerful Terrorist…
Finding their connection is the responsibility of CIA Analyst Dante Tucker and Delta Force Operative Sgt. Nicholas “Edge” Pierce. It quickly becomes clear that the murdered terrorist is simply the start of something far larger, a plan that intends to shake the foundation of America.

The Heart of Miami is in Ruins…
Destroyed by a new weapon, wielded by a mysterious organization. Tucker and Edge are on the hunt for those responsible before the next phase of this plan can be launched. But with each encounter they have to question are they the Hunters or the Hunted?
In this game of cat and mouse that extends from the Everglades to the mountains of Oregon and the nation's capital itself, Tucker and Edge will stop at nothing to bring down those who are responsible!
535 printed pages
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