Timothy Cross

In His Land: Armchair Tour of the Holy Land

Confirm your faith in the historical reliability and veracity of the Gospel records. After an epic trip to Israel, literally walking in the footsteps of Jesus, with an experienced Hebrew-Christian tour guide, Timothy Cross saw the Bible coming alive in a way that it had never done before. On returning to the UK, Timothy Cross began to share the blessing he received in Israel by giving 45 minute slide-shows n the time he spent there-giving people an 'armchair tour' of Israel, stopping off at the main places associated with the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, and explaining their Scriptural significance. This book is the written version of those presentations. The Christian Faith is an historical Faith. It is not a philosophy or a teaching created in a vacuum, but concerned with an actual person and events of time and space. The Lord Jesus Christ lived and ministered during the 1st century, and He did so in a particular, geographical place-the land of Israel. IT is this particular place-justly known as 'the Holy Land'-that will be explored in this book, using the Bible as our infallible guide. Reading this book will help to confirm your faith in the historical, reliability and veracity of the Gospel records. It will also enable you to read the sacred pages of the New Testament with greater understanding and imagination, and, Lord willing, draw you closer to the One on Whom all Scripture focuses-the Lord Jesus Christ. It is He who has made the 'Holy Land' truly Holy. TIMOTHY CROSS was born in Wales, of English parents, and spent some formative years living and worshipping in Northern Ireland. A graduate of the University of Wales, Dr Cross is an experienced preacher and the author of over twenty popular Christian books. His main interests include the original languages of the Bible and distance running.
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