CFE,Margaret Sharp,NIACE

Colleges in Their Communities

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The nature of further education (FE) in England and the role of FE colleges is changing in response to a new age of austerity, diminishing public resources and views on the role of the State in allocating them. Our economies and the FE market are becoming increasingly globalised. There is no better time for innovative thinking and adopting new ways of working. Presenting the groundbreaking work of a year-long inquiry of research, analysis and discussion, Colleges in Their Communities is of central importance to anyone involved or interested in further education, whether vocational or community-based, based in the UK or overseas. This essential book presents together in one volume for the first time the final report of the independent Commission on Colleges in Their Communities with case studies, and a comprehensive international literature review conducted by CFE. It recommends ways in which further education colleges can, through partnership working and a shared agenda, help to harness community energies towards positive outcomes for health, happiness and social cohesion. The Inquiry from which this book originates was chaired by one of the leading UK parliamentary spokespersons on adult education and training, Margaret Sharp, and led by NIACE, the Association of Colleges and the 157 Group.
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