Who Am I, J.R. Penna
J.R. Penna

Who Am I

This is a story of many levels, an absorbing narrative, addressing a controversial issue that will have you flipping pages. Right from the beginning, you are drawn into a gripping story that starts into an engaging story with the complexities of Rita — financial pressures, pregnancy, and extreme trauma — that will grip you. As the story unfolds it is compelling in the plot and in its spiritual, psychological, and economic depth. Rita’s inner journey meet with the ideas of Gnostics, Buddhists, and profound criticism of conventional Christianity, and the powerful psychological insights into the origin of self-destructiveness. The moral complexities of the issue of abortion are also explored in an interesting and thought-provoking way. One of the story’s great strength is the mix of storytelling and spirituality/ethics/philosophy. The Characters are lifelike and fascinating. You will find yourself caring deeply for the main ones. You will see what zealous opposition looks like through their eyes and the terrible anguish it can inflict. The depiction of the moral decision leading up to the abortion is a strong point. If you are not sympathetic to women in this predicament before, you may be now after reading this story. This is an impressive literary achievement. The storytelling is strong and will carry you enjoyably along through all the pages.
309 printed pages
Original publication
John R. Penna



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