The Trap: An International Thriller, Fritz Galt
Fritz Galt

The Trap: An International Thriller

Pakistan has just released a nuclear bomb to terrorists. Army special operative George Ferrar is on the trail…and the nuke is heading to America.

Yet everybody, from the CIA to Congress thinks Ferrar is nuts.

Ferrar is resourceful, knowledgeable and deadly, but must take his game to a whole new level to stay alive, track down the bomb and save the nation.

Time is not on his side as the bomb slips through the hands of several nations on its way across the border into the United States of America.

In the end, it might all be a trap. Is everybody right, and Ferrar is to blame for the whole crisis?

This gripping thriller won't let you go until the final tick of the time bomb. Along the way, Fritz Galt's precise depiction of the locations, people and geopolitics gives an authentic backdrop to drama drawn straight from today's news.
259 printed pages
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