James Willard Schultz

In the Great Apache Forest (Complete Edition)

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This book brings us the story of George Crosby, the Lone Boy Scout. George Crosby was born and has lived all of his seventeen years, in Greer, a settlement of a half-dozen pioneer families located on the Little Colorado River, in the White Mountains, Arizona. At the beginning of the Great War Geroge considered what he could do for the good cause. During the summer of 1918, the Supervisor of the Apache National Forest found himself woefully short of men, with the dreaded fire season coming on. Most of his rangers, fire lookouts, and patrols had gone to the war, and he could not find enough men of the right sort to take their place so George Crosby became a member of a troop of the Phoenix Boy Scouts of America.
Alone on Mount Thomas
The Mountain Cave
The Firebugs at Work
Hunting the Deserter
The People-of-Peace
The Wrongs of the Hopis
The Old Men in Rain God's Cave
The Death of Old Double Killer
The Bear Skin Is Stolen
Catching the Firebugs
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