Robert Goldman,Ronald Klatz

New Anti-Aging Revolution

With medical information doubling every three and a half years, life spans of 110 to 125 years may soon be a reality. Physicians Ronald Klatz and Robert Goldman, pioneers in this brave new world of anti-aging medicine, combine cutting-edge research and the latest medical breakthroughs on longevity, with practical ways for integrating this information into readers' daily lives – how they can live longer, better and healthier – to create the most comprehensive book on life extension in print today. This book offers a clear understanding of the biological processes involved in aging, the ten key body systems where decline first begins and the culprits largely responsible for tipping the clock: vitamin and mineral deficiencies and diminishing hormone levels. Readers will learn how to weigh the pros and cons of hormone therapy, naturally stimulate their hormone production, replenish their nutrient stores, strengthen their immune system, nourish their body, burn fat and build lean muscle, revitalise in their sleep and maintain a youthful mind and spirit. This book features a longevity test that readers can use to identify how old or young they really are and the personal life-extension programmes of more than two dozen anti-aging specialists.
919 printed pages



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