Marilyn Fae

Cruel, Kind Love

Aria loves her Master Darius. The Alpha Werewolf saved her when she was just a young kitten and has been taking care of her ever since. He makes sure she wants for nothing and is always ready to do whatever it takes to make her happy… Except let her out of the house. He says it's too dangerous for her outside and he's right. With her cat ears and long fluffy tail that broadcasts exactly what she is, it's too easy for her to be are captured and abused by cruel men.

She knows he keeps her safe, but she wants more than to be treated like something precious that to be kept at arm's length. She's eighteen now, old enough to be mated, old enough to have kits (or cubs) of her own. And she wants it to be with Master Darius.

What she doesn't know is just how much her Master loves her. He wants her to the point of obsession, wants her entire world to revolve around him and he would go through any length to keep it that way. What he didn't count on is for his twin brother to break into his home and take her.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“You remember our rules, baby?” he asks.

She trembles a little every time he calls her that. “I remember,” she whispers.

“And the first rule?” he asks quietly, letting her answer the question as her own time.

Never leave the house. “I'm sorry, Master Darius,” she whimpers, voice wobbly and afraid. “I'm sorry.” She's trembling a little, afraid and uncertain because he's never spoken to her like this. He hasn't raised his voice at her, but he's frustrated and worried, the combination of both making him angry.

It's true he lets her get away with a lot of things. He lets her crawl up his lap the first day he got her because she was so small and smelled so frightened and sweet, so he wanted her to feel better. He didn't realize then that it was going to be a problem, that his wolf would see the perfect little cat-girl and decide she's going to be his mate. That she would belong to him.

That she was his.

He didn't want anyone else to see her. He wanted her for himself. All the time.

It's really not fair.

He had run into her when she was just a tiny kit and had clung to her caretaker's hand so tightly, collar around her throat and ears hidden underneath an ugly wrap. She had been so sweet back then too, so full of questions, brave enough to talk to him because no one's told her that she shouldn't yet.

He was supposed to bring her to the facility where the rest of the shifters like her are kept, where they're tested to see how human they are and if they can be integrated into society and live happy, normal lives. If she couldn't, then she was supposed to live inside the facility where her needs are cared for and her innocence isn't exploited.

She was supposed to be free.

He couldn't do it. He wanted her for himself. He didn't want them to check if she's human enough to live alone because he doesn't want her to live alone. He didn't want to live alone. Not anymore. Not when the alternative is having her with him all the time.

Darius has never been good with letting go of the things he wants but isn't supposed to have.

No one is good at telling him that he can't have what he wants.

So, he kept her. He locked her up in his apartment and hired private tutors for her. He bought her gifts, clothes and toys, expensive jewelry and all the books she wanted. And in exchange, she stays his prisoner.

“You're not supposed to leave the house, Aria,” he says.

She whimpers and nuzzles her face to his neck. “I know, Master. I'm sorry,” she admits. “I won't do it again. Promise.” Her tail is all curled up around her waist, the tip nestling between her breasts. He knows if she isn't busy clinging to him, she would be playing with the tip and chewing on the end.

His heart clenches. “Poor baby,” he coos. “Were you scared?”

Her heartbeat ratchets up as she nods.
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