Suzy Makó

My Smart Kid – 123 Numbers and First Counting

All children love animals… And funny Games! Let's teach children numbers and basic counting up to 10, thanks to the positive attitude towards animals and games. This is a complete education guide for kids that will teach them basic numbers and first counting. Thanks to this book, your kids will gain a positive attitude towards learning. You can find their education games as well, on the end of this stunning edition for kids.Education kid's books by Suzy Makó will learn the basic pieces of knowledge, that are essential in the first years of the child. In this Numbers and Counting guide, kids could also learn to count objects up to ten. Give your kids the joy of knowledge and get them an education book that will entertain them. Each number in this book is linked to the animal so children can remember the numbers more easily. At the end of the education book for kids, you will find educational games ready for children to practice their knowledge and basic skills.The education kid's book is a comprehensive way of learning and memorizing basic numbers and first counting. It is also a good choice if you want to show children how they can learn through games and the things they love. Lets create a positive attitude for kids to learn and have fun with them thanks to this book full of illustrations and basic numbers and counting. Games are funny and prepared by teacher with years of experience. Your child will love this education book.
46 printed pages
Original publication
Suzy Makó



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