Phyllis Whitney

Hunter's Green

An American psychologist accepts an invitation to her estranged husband’s isolated English estate in this suspenseful tale by an Edgar Award–winning author.
When Eve North returns to Athmore after three years’ estrangement from her husband, Justin, she finds the great and sprawling English estate—and Justin himself—considerably changed. But Eve has changed as well. She knows the mistakes she made in her marriage, is prepared to admit culpability in their separation, and now dares to win back his love. But for all Eve knows, for all she remembers, and for all she’s ready to face, she still enters Athmore dangerously unaware of what awaits her.
Athmore has its secrets—and those who protect them, including Justin; his brother, Marc, who once preyed on Eve’s emotions; and Justin’s new fiancée, a cool manipulator who now has everything she wants. Eve’s only ally appears to be the old family gardener who has carved from the green-black yew a topiary garden in the form of a magnificent chessboard as both a masterpiece and a warning.
Hunter’s Green is an involving suspense novel from Phyllis A. Whitney, “the Queen of the American gothics” and recipient of an Agatha Award for lifetime achievement (The New York Times).
This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate.
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