Sam Kuma

Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

Ketogenic Diet – Healthy Weight Loss without Starvation

Losing weight through special diets has become one of the greatest fads. In a world obsessed with size zero, it seems every person with an ounce of extra weight wants to lose it. Capitalizing on this trend, a lot of “dieticians” and “nutritionists” have come up with a variety of “specialized diets” where you consume “special foods” and lose weight. All this is just a sham!
The reality is that most of the time, these “specialists” have deals with manufacturing companies, and they push the “special” products produced by companies in your face to earn a hefty commission. At the end of these diets all you will have lost is money! But, what if I tell you that there is a diet in which you do not need to purchase expensive specialized products (nor starve) and you can still lose weight without messing up your regular schedule?
Here I present to you the “Ketogenic Diet”. This book will provide you with the following information:

Ketogenic Breakfast Recipes

Ketogenic Soup Recipes

Ketogenic Salad Recipes

Ketogenic Main Course Recipes

Ketogenic Snack Recipes

Ketogenic Deserts
37 printed pages
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